Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use PDC Pharmacy?

PDC Pharmacy can provide pharmacy services to individuals residing in Assisted Living facilities, Personal Care Homes, and residential arrangements operated by providers of services for individuals with intellectual disabilities once the agency or facility has entered into a written agreement with PDC Pharmacy.

How are medications dispensed?

Tablets and capsules administered on a chronic basis are dispensed in cycles that are sent automatically prior to the end of each cycle in a number of package types. Non-cycle medications are reordered by the customer through phone calls, faxing or on-line through Frameworklink.

  • Bubble Packs contain monthly or 28-day cycles dispensed as unit-dose (one prescription per card)
  • TCGRx Pillow Packs contain 7-day or 14-day cycles and are dispensed as unit-dose (one prescription per pillow) or multi-dose (up to three prescriptions per pillow)

Regardless of the package type selected, all prescriptions are clearly labeled with all required prescription label information.

How does PDC Pharmacy manage emergency dispenses?

PDC Pharmacy pharmacists are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to address all emergency needs. An emergency on-call number is provided to customers during the initial pharmacy in-service in order that a pharmacist may be reached during hours of nonoperation.

What software does PDC Pharmacy interface with?

PDC Pharmacy is supported by FrameworkLTC pharmacy software, a product of Softwriter’s, Inc. While communicating through an HL7 interface, FrameworkLTC is able to connect with a number of eMAR and eHR products such as Therap, MedSupport, QuickMAR and AccuFlo to name a few.  All communication is pharmacy initiated meaning the medication order is entered at the pharmacy, verified by a pharmacist and clinically screened prior to being transmitted through the interface to the customer software.

Does the customer have input into how PDC Pharmacy provides services?

PDC Pharmacy implements a thorough approach to providing services to customers. At the initial Transition Meeting, PDC Pharmacy sits with the agency/facility management team to review what works and what does not work regarding pharmacy service.  There is discussion regarding every aspect of pharmacy service, methods and processes during which time service is customized to meet the needs of the customer.  PDC Pharmacy remains available long after the initial transition to revisit those early decisions to determine if changes are necessary or requested.

Does PDC Pharmacy measure and monitor customer satisfaction?

PDC Pharmacy takes great pride in tracking and reporting a number of quality indicators on a monthly basis to ensure high level quality service to customers. Communication with customers is also key.  PDC Pharmacy reaches out to customers regularly to obtain feedback and in-person meetings are offered on an annual basis, at minimum, to discuss services, communicate new innovative service offerings and gather data regarding satisfaction levels.

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