PDC Pharmacy’s Statement and Response to COVID-19

Dear Valued Partners, Patients, Employees, and Community Members,

PDC Pharmacy is extremely committed to our implementation of enhanced protocols to ensure patient and employee health during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Our response plan enacts an overabundance of caution both in our operations and in our interactions with our partners and patients.  Below you will find a high-level overview of our response plan. 

PDC Pharmacy Operations

  • PDC Pharmacy has implemented employee health monitoring.  Employees exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 are prevented from coming to work.   Additionally, employees are being tested daily, prior to access of PDC Pharmacy operations, via temporal thermometer temperature reads. 
  • PDC Pharmacy has enacted increased decontamination and sanitization protocols for all employees, workspaces and products.
  • PDC Pharmacy is limiting access to visitors and has suspended all external meetings and travel.  Meetings will be rescheduled for a later date and/or as a conference call or GoTo Meeting.

Advanced Medication and Supply Requests

  • PDC Pharmacy has been advised by its primary wholesaler and group purchasing organization that strict, and historically based, purchasing thresholds are being adhered to for medication and supply purchases.  These restrictions have been enacted to prevent drug supply chain shortages due to pharmacies overordering with the intent to stockpile.
  • PDC Pharmacy has been advised that there are no anticipated supply chain issues at this time, and that by following the limitations enacted by drug wholesalers, pharmacies will continue to be able to provide patients’ medications on time and on schedule.
  • Due to these industry restrictions, PDC Pharmacy is unable to accommodate requests for advanced medication supply requests.


  • PDC Pharmacy fully expects for employees and drivers to continue to have the ability to travel due to their role as critical healthcare workers.  Authorization letters have been provided to all drivers and PDC Pharmacy employees granting them access to travel.
  • PDC Pharmacy has enhanced sanitization protocols followed by SDS Rx courier drivers from their initial pickup at the pharmacy and throughout the delivery route.
  • While on site, drivers will perform hand sanitization and device sanitation prior to, and directly following, every delivery.  Drivers will also wear gloves and will only ever perform a delivery outside of a home. 
  • PDC Pharmacy, along with our courier delivery partner SDS Rx, has eliminated signature capture upon delivery.  Additionally, paper packing slips will not be signed and will not be collected by courier drivers. 
  • PDC Pharmacy has limited non-pharmacy-initiated returns to protect drivers and our employees and to ensure that we can control the integrity of what we receive into our pharmacy locations.

Returns for Destruction

  • In order to support the enhanced sanitization protocols for PDC Pharmacy operations, we will be unable to accept any medication returns for destruction.  Please follow FDA guidelines for appropriate medication destruction and contact PDC Pharmacy if you would like to learn more about the Rx Destroyer product we supply.
  • Only pharmacy-initiated return requests and containers (E-Kits and Rx Hand Off Boxes) will be permitted for return to PDC Pharmacy.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you with the highest level of caution during this critical time.  Our response plan is evolving and will continue to be enhanced so that the most stringent protocols are in place to ensure provider, patient, and employee health.