Compliance and Consulting

PDC Pharmacy makes it easier for providers to comply with regulations.  Based on our experience, each agency may be a bit different in how they respectively define and/or apply the regulations.  More commonality, however, exists across agencies and licensing bodies than differences with respect to compliance.

Whether it is defined specifically by regulation or by a provider’s medication administrating training guide, most agencies require the following:

  • A medication label must perfectly match the Medication Administration Record
  • A medication label requires specific information:
    • Pharmacy name, address and telephone number
    • Name of the individual to whom the medication has been prescribed
    • Medication name, directions, date filled, prescription number and name of prescribing physician
    • Expiration Date
  • Though often not required by regulation, we believe, medication labels should also be complete and easy to understand.  This means PDC Pharmacy medication label instructions are generally absent of abbreviations.
  • BID=2 Times Daily, or PO=By Mouth, are just a few examples.

Corporate Compliance Policies

With compliance and consumer safety as two of our top priorities, PDC Pharmacy offers consulting pharmacist services.  Please contact us to review our current rates and available services.

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Bottom line…

We make it our job to make your compliance efforts easier!  “Quality is (truly) our focus”!

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