Dispensing and Delivery

Customizable on-demand, monthly, or 28-Day cycle exchanges are available for either blister packs and/or vials.  The 28-day cycle reduces the burden on staff with medication supply checks, helps cover wasted dose medications with insurance companies, and allows deliveries for the entire year to be mapped out.

DeliveryPDC Delivery
PDC Pharmacy offers predictable and timely medication delivery “windows” based on your needs and requests.  We offer standard deliveries to a centralized drop location and multi-site drops both at no charge.  The best part of our delivery service is that there are NO additional charges for emergency orders!

Fleet Service Delivery
We offer customized delivery via our fleet of drivers and courier service. The high quality, professional service with timely deliveries to both office and residential drop off locations makes it convenient for you!

FedEx Delivery
In addition to our PDC Pharmacy fleet service, we offer regular and timely deliveries through FedEx.

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