Focus on Quality

Sure… “Quality is the root of our business” is PDC Pharmacy’s tag line.  Know that the phrase is more than a buzz line in our sales presentations; it’s a measurable commitment to our customers.  Please read on…

We want to be your Quality Partner!

We know that the elimination of medication errors is undoubtedly the primary goal of all of our customers.  Whether it’s an improperly labeled or mislabeled medication, or the correct medication given to the wrong individual, it’s not only a critical issue, it’s a safety issue.  Our Quality Management process is designed and effectively managed to eliminate virtually all pharmacy medication errors.  At PDC, if a mistake is recognized before a medication is even delivered, we capture the event as an error.  We track pharmacy medication errors and on-time delivery with precise attention.

We also know that poor delivery systems create service issues for an organization.  PDC provides a written delivery time range to all of our customers.  Every medication delivery is tracked, and we know if it’s even 5 minutes late!  We pay special attention to deliveries that arrive 60 minutes or more late!

We Publish our Quality Performance Results…does your current pharmacy do this?

Not only do we track pharmacy medication errors and on-time delivery with precise attention, we PUBLISH our quality performance results. If you are a PDC Pharmacy customer or considering becoming a PDC Pharmacy customer, we are happy to share our quality results!

PDC Pharmacy 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Statistics

  • Over 674,584 total prescriptions filledPharmacist
  • 99.99% Medication Accuracy Rating*
  • Equivalent to less than one error for every 10,000 prescriptions filled
  • With over 77,000 deliveries, we had a 99.11% on-time delivery rate!

If you would like to know more about our quality processes and how we achieve these results, contact us today so you can experience this type of pharmacy service excellence.

*All pharmacy data is audited by an independent auditing firm for accuracy.