Labeling and Packaging

At PDC Pharmacy, we take getting the label correct very seriously.  We understand that having the correct label is crucial to remaining compliant. If there is ever a time that the doctor has written a prescription that is unacceptable, with your permission, we will contact the doctor’s office in order to have the prescription re-written.  Here is an overview of our labels:

  • Directions are complete and follow the Five Rights of Medication Administration:PDC Specialized Packaging & Labeling
    • Person, Time, Dose, Medication, Route
  • Medication labels always match the MARs provided by PDC Pharmacy
  • Each new order receives a new medication with a new label
  • Blister packs have scored labels for reordering

We offer both Blister and Pillow Packs, as well as traditional Vials.  Blister packs are easy to count, simplify the med admin process, and used in a Unit-Dose environment.  Pillow Packs are compact, portable, have shorter cycles (7 or 14-Day), and can be used in both Unit-Dose and Multi-Dose applications.  Separate blister and pillow packs, as well as vials are available for time spent away from the facility e.g. day programs, school and community programs.

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