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“Warning: Another gushing thank you incoming!  This time we would like to thank PDC Pharmacy for supporting us by sponsoring our annual event!  Ensuring that all the funds raised at our annual fundraiser stay right here.  This is the 5th straight year PDC Pharmacy has sponsored this event. Make sure to stop by their page to say thank you!”
Executive Director

“We chose PDC Pharmacy because they offer online Medication Administration Records (MARs), blister pack dispensing, and an experienced pharmacy staff that insures quality control, as well as, answers any questions regarding a medication we may have.  PDC Pharmacy has helped us to improve the administration of medication in our agency, which is one of the most important tasks required.”
Program Director

“I have so many good things to say about PDC Pharmacy.  Our errors dropped to nearly zero when we switched pharmacies.  The services that we get from PDC Pharmacy are exactly what was presented to us when we signed on.  The pharmacists are always available and willing to work with us to address unusual situations.  PDC Pharmacy is more like an extension of our team than another company.”

“We have been with PDC Pharmacy for over five years and are very happy with our services. We average over 100,000 med passes per month.  Not once, since utilizing PDC Pharmacy, have we had a medication error due to pharmacy oversight.”

“I really love working with a company that is solution driven and looking for how can we do it.”
Executive Director

“PDC Pharmacy did all the work for us, short of picking up the prescription. They took care of sending all insurance and prescription information for us. PDC Pharmacy provides very good service.”

“Without their support, we would not be able to reach out to as many nurses throughout the state of Colorado.”
Director of Health Services, CANDD

“CaraSolva has been doing business with PDC Pharmacy for over two years.  The PDC Pharmacy team is a high integrity group focused on quality, cost effective and innovative services to improve the lives of their customers.  They are a great partner.”
President & CEO, CaraSolva

“I’ve experienced many different work environments in the pharmacy field, and none of them can match the patient care that PDC Pharmacy focuses on.  It is this high level of service that distinguishes PDC Pharmacy from the rest of the pack.”
Director of PDC Pharmacy of Colorado

“We have a dedicated staff of professional and support personnel who are willing to go that extra step to meet the needs of our customers.”
Director of PDC Pharmacy of Pittsburgh

“Our goal at PDC Pharmacy is to provide a consistent high level of consumer service while exhibiting professionalism, conscientiousness and integrity on a day-to-day basis.”
Director of PDC Pharmacy of Philadelphia

“We truly have amazing Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.  They take great pride in what they do and it shows in the quality of their work.”
PDC Pharmacy New Accounts Coordinator

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