Top 10 Ways to Avoid Med Errors

Managing and administering medications is a key responsibility for all agencies.  This process can be quite complicated and mistakes can be costly if not downright dangerous.  PDC Pharmacy offers a wide range of suggestions and services that will help your organization minimize medication errors.  Listed below are ways to avoid medication errors and ultimately improve the quality of care your agency provides:

10. Limit distractions:
Avoid unnecessary interruptions while administering medications.

9. Optimize communication:
PDC Pharmacy is available 24/7/365 to assist with your specific needs.

8. Drug reviews:
PDC Pharmacy pharmacists are available for on-site drug reviews/consultations.

7. Accurate Medication Administration Records:
PDC Pharmacy offers accurate pre-printed paper MARs, as well as an eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record).

6. Appropriate packaging:
PDC Pharmacy offers durable heat-sealed blister packs with time-pass stickers, to ensure consumer safety.

5. Monitoring and supervision:
Our eMAR solution allows management to have oversight of their staff, with a comprehensive alert system that sends reminders via email or text message, to the appropriate personnel.
Avoid Medication Errors

4. Optimal use of technology:
PDC Pharmacy offers various technologies through ePrescribing, MedSupport (eMAR) and FrameworkLink.

3. Staff training:
PDC Pharmacy offers in-service trainings for all staff members, including new hires at no cost.

2. Accurate medication labels:
PDC Pharmacy’s labels always follow the five rights of medication administration: Person, Time, Dose, Medication and Route.

1. And, for the #1 way to reduce medication errors…

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