PDC Pharmacy customers can select any combination of traditional paper Medication Administration Records (MARs), FrameworkLink and/or eMARs to access their MARs.

If you are considering using or switching to an eMAR, there are a number of benefits that you may realize:

  • Accessible…Always Ready and Available 24/7/365
  • Work from Anywhere…Manage Med Admin Online
  • Save Time…Intuitive, Easy to Use Interface
  • Convenience…Accept Rx’s via the Pharmacy Interface
  • Hold Staff Accountable…Email and Text Reminders
  • Cut Costs…No IT Capital and Less Turnover
  • Decrease Waste…Eliminates Paper MARs
  • Reduce Medication Errors…greatest benefit!

There are a vast number of eMAR/eHR software companies that interface with PDC Pharmacy.  Interfacing with your eMAR allows for information from PDC Pharmacy to be passed along directly to your eMAR, saving you the hassle of transcription and potential errors.  Below is a current list of eMARs and eHRs that interface with PDC Pharmacy.

eMAR/eHR Systems
Accuflo CompuCare MedTelligent by Alis
ADL Systems, Inc. Daverci Netsmart’s Avatar
AllScripts Eldermark NextGen
Almsa Epic New Tech Computer Systems
American Health Tech (AHT) Exactmed iMAR QuickMAR
American Data-ECS Extended Care PRO (ECP) Optimus EMR
Answers on Demand (AOD) HealthMEDX (Vision) OmegaLTC
Blue Step BridgeGate Imagin MedDispense PioneerAMCS
Blue Step iMAR iCareManager PointClickCare
Bluestrata LG CNS Reliable Health EHR
CaraSolva LinTech ResiDex
Catalyst oneMAR MDI Achieve Matrix Sigma Care for LTC
Cerner Chartmeds MediTech Sushoo
cueSHIFT Mediture by Cognify Therap (Now available!)
Collian Healthcare Med Management Tech Yardi
Cantata Health, LLC Medright by Emissary Technologies

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