PDC Pharmacy customers can select any combination of traditional paper Medication Administration Records (MARs), FrameworkLink and/or MedSupport to access their MARs.  FrameworkLink is a web-based application that is directly synced with our pharmacy database and allows PDC Pharmacy customers to:

  • Enter requests for Medication Reorder.
  • Print Medical Records from virtually anywhere.
  • Communicate directly with Pharmacists

All at NO additional cost!

Have you ever waited on the phone or wondered if your fax was received while re-ordering medications from your pharmacy?

The convenience of FrameworkLink for PDC Pharmacy customers completely eliminates the need for re-ordering medications by phone or fax with a one step online re-ordering system.

Have you ever had to wait to receive an updated MAR from your pharmacy?

FrameworkLink allows for PDC Pharmacy customers to print their own medication or medical records on-demand.  The only cost of the MAR, Treatment Record, or P.O. Sheet is the ink and paper on which the forms are printed!

Have you ever called the pharmacy and had to wait to speak with a pharmacist?

FrameworkLink makes it simple for for PDC Pharmacy customers to communicate via the Internet.  FrameworkLink users can send/receive messages directly from the pharmacists through the “internal messaging system” in FrameworkLink.

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