PDC Pharmacy has exciting news!  We are now interfaced with Therap eHR/eMAR.

What is the Therap?

Therap’s software suite is relevant to service organizations that provide long term supports and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Therap is used in over 4000 agencies, in small agencies serving as few as one individual to multi-state providers serving thousands of individuals. Therap modules encompass a wide array of supports for both individuals and staff members and also include billing supports.

What is the Pharmacy Interface?

By using the Pharmacy Interface, providers will have the ability to sync their instance of Therap with PDC Pharmacy.  Secure messages and data will pass directly from PDC Pharmacy to Therap which contain the medication information for an individual.  Medication history forms can then be generated for the individuals and tracked using the MAR module.

Benefits of the PDC Pharmacy Interface with Therap include:

  • Reduces medication errors – eliminates errors of transcription and omission, greatest benefit!
  • Electronic documentation specifically for IDD service providers.
  • Saves time – pharmacy SIG CODES are easily translated correctly and effectively.
  • Convenience – functionality creates efficiencies for the end user.
  • Security – user access/role management, as well as information protected via HL7 standards.

Interested in Therap and PDC Pharmacy?  To get in touch with us, please CLICK HERE and submit the consultation form.  We look forward to hearing from you!