Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use PDC Pharmacy?
PDC Pharmacy is a long-term care pharmacy and can provide pharmacy services to individuals residing in residential arrangements operated by providers of services for individuals with intellectual disabilities, Assisted Living facilities, and Personal Care Homes, and only once the agency or facility has entered into a written agreement with PDC Pharmacy.

How do I place a prescription order?
New prescription orders can be sent to the pharmacy directly from the prescriber electronically, by fax or by phone. The patient can fax the pharmacy directly as well, or in instances when a controlled substance is prescribed, arrangements will need to be made for the hard copy prescription to be provided to the pharmacy.

How do I obtain a refill of my prescription?
Refills can be obtained by calling the pharmacy to leave a message on the refill line, making a request for a refill through FrameworkLink or faxing the pharmacy a reorder request form.

How do I access medications in case of an emergency or disaster?
You may call the pharmacy number during regular hours of operation, or call the on-call number during hours of non-operation, to discuss your specific situation with the pharmacy. The Director of Pharmacy will implement a response to your specific situation appropriate for the need.

How do I check on a prescription status?
You may call the pharmacy directly to make your inquiry or use FrameworkLink to check on the status of your prescription.

How do I obtain information on prescription substitutions?
PDC Pharmacy will always substitute a generic equivalent for a Brand prescription unless the physician writes Brand Necessary or Dispense as Written. When a generic equivalent is substituted, you will receive a drug monograph when your prescription is delivered. You may call the pharmacy directly for clinical counseling if you need more information than the drug monograph provides.

How do a have a prescription transferred to another pharmacy?
If you need to transfer a prescription from PDC Pharmacy to another pharmacy, call the pharmacy directly to communicate what specific prescription you want transferred and provide the contact information for the new pharmacy. PDC Pharmacy will transfer the prescription to the requested pharmacy.

How do I obtain medications not available at PDC Pharmacy?
PDC Pharmacy will make every effort to obtain needed medications and will provide alternative resources where the product may be obtained in the instances where the product cannot be obtained.

How do I handle medication recalls?
In the event a prescription dispensed to you has been recalled, PDC Pharmacy will contact you and provide instructions as to how the prescription can be returned or destroyed.

How do I dispose of medications?
All medications, with the exception of controlled substances, may be returned to the pharmacy for destruction. Please contact the pharmacy to make arrangements for the return of these medications. If you prefer to dispose of medications on your own, you may contact the pharmacy to obtain literature as to various methods of properly disposing of medications or to purchase a variety of medication destruction chemical options.

How do I handle adverse reactions?
If you feel you are experiencing an adverse reaction to a medication you should contact the physician who prescribed the medication. Call 911 for emergency medical attention if your symptoms are severe or life threatening.

How do I report concerns or errors?
If you have a concern or need to report an error, please contact the pharmacy and request to speak to the Director of Pharmacy. To file a patient grievance, please utilize the form located on our compliance page and/or call PDC Pharmacy and select the appropriate option from our phone tree.

How are medications dispensed?
Tablets and capsules administered on a chronic basis are dispensed in cycles that are sent automatically prior to the end of each cycle in a number of package types. Non-cycle medications are reordered by the customer through phone calls, faxing or on-line through FrameworkLink.
• Bubble Packs contain monthly or 28-day cycles dispensed as unit-dose (one prescription per card)
• TCGRx Pillow Packs contain 7-day or 14-day cycles and are dispensed as unit-dose (one prescription per pillow) or multi-dose (up to three prescriptions per pillow)
• Multi-Dose Blister Cards – More Information Coming Soon!
Regardless of the package type selected, all prescriptions are clearly labeled with all required prescription label information.

Is PDC Pharmacy available 24-Hours per Day?
PDC Pharmacy pharmacists are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to address all emergency needs. An emergency on-call number is provided to customers during the initial pharmacy in-service in order that a pharmacist may be reached during hours of nonoperation.

What software does PDC Pharmacy interface with?
PDC Pharmacy is supported by FrameworkLTC pharmacy software, a product of Softwriter’s, Inc. While communicating through an HL7 interface, FrameworkLTC is able to connect with a number of eMAR and eHR products such as Therap, MedSupport, QuickMAR and AccuFlo to name a few. All communication is pharmacy initiated meaning the medication order is entered at the pharmacy, verified by a pharmacist and clinically screened prior to being transmitted through the interface to the customer software.

Does the customer have input into how PDC Pharmacy provides services?
PDC Pharmacy implements a thorough approach to providing services to customers. At the initial Transition Meeting, PDC Pharmacy sits with the agency/facility management team to review what works and what does not work regarding pharmacy service. There is discussion regarding every aspect of pharmacy service, methods and processes during which time service is customized to meet the needs of the customer. PDC Pharmacy remains available long after the initial transition to revisit those early decisions to determine if changes are necessary or requested.

Does PDC Pharmacy measure and monitor customer satisfaction?
PDC Pharmacy takes great pride in tracking and reporting a number of quality indicators on a monthly basis to ensure high level quality service to customers. Communication with customers is also key. PDC Pharmacy reaches out to customers regularly to obtain feedback and in-person meetings are offered on an annual basis, at minimum, to discuss services, communicate new innovative service offerings and gather data regarding satisfaction levels.

How much does it cost to use PDC Pharmacy?
We offer our specialized services at no cost! We understand the limited amount of resources in the IDD communities and we do not charge our customers extra for the services that we provide. This includes, but is not limited to: customizable printed MARs and forms, delivery, packaging, pill splitting, training, and transition services. Please note: the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) do prevent pharmacy providers from offering some services at no cost such as pharmacist onsite consulting (ICF/MR requirement), any waiver of electronic MAR or HR costs and routinely waiving copayments or OTC costs.

What type of packaging does PDC Pharmacy offer?
PDC Pharmacy is flexible and has several types of packaging we offer to our partner providers. We understand that everyone we serve has their own unique needs and we are happy to discuss and strategize to find the best type of packaging for you! Packaging options include: traditional pill vials, unit-dose bubble packs, multi-dose bubble packs, unit dose pillow packs and multi-dose pillow packs. We are also able to provide split-packaging if the patient takes any medications while at work, vocational programs, and/or on vacation.

Can PDC Pharmacy customize our monthly cycle?
There are many ways PDC Pharmacy can provide cycle medications and the options are fully customizable and flexible to meet your needs. PDC Pharmacy’s operational team will help discuss best practices and considerations for each cycle type to ensure we help you to select the best option for your organization. We routinely revisit all aspects of service with our partner providers and offer the flexibility to make a change in cycle selection at any time.

Types of cycles that we offer include:
• *28-day (Day of the Week, 28 Day Countdown, 28 Day Punch by Date)
• 30-day (30 Day Countdown, 30 Day Punch by Date)
• 31-day (31 Day Countdown, 31 Day Punch by Date)
• Multi Dose Blister Cards (7 Day Cycle, 14 Day Cycle, 28 Day Cycle or Monthly Cycle)
• Multi Dose or Unit Dose Pillow Packaging (7 Day Cycle, 14 Day Cycle, 28 Day Cycle, Monthly Cycle)

*Our most popular option is the 28-day cycle because the chronic medications will be delivered automatically every four (4) weeks and it allows for wasted doses to be scooped into cycle exchange to keep all sites organized and on the same schedule.

Regardless of what cycle type you choose, we will provide schedules to remind your staff, providers, families, etc. when each delivery will arrive and when the cycle will start.

How does PDC Pharmacy accomplish a 99.99% Medication Accuracy Rating?
PDC Pharmacy understands the critical importance of having correctly packaged medications delivered on time in the IDD communities we serve. PDC Pharmacy has several best practices put in place that result in our 99.99% Medication Accuracy Rating. From the time the prescription is received, to the time the medication is released to the driver, a licensed pharmacist checks for accuracy four separate times throughout the filling and packaging process. These checks and balances, and additional care in our processes reinforces the PDC Pharmacy tagline, “Quality is our focus.” We welcome our partner agencies anytime for a tour of our operations and quality procedures.

Our agency is in Colorado but is 300+ miles from Boulder. Can we still use PDC Pharmacy?
Yes! PDC Pharmacy is a closed-door pharmacy and provides long-term care pharmacy services across the entire state of Colorado. We have two types of delivery services, which includes a courier service and common carrier service. If the homes are outside the delivery radius of our courier, we will utilize our common carrier service. We can either deliver straight to each individual’s doorstep or to a central location such as an office. STAT medications are always treated on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of the patient. Our goal is to make sure you have the medication as soon as possible. PDC Pharmacy utilizes our STAT courier services or our network of local pharmacies to ensure the urgently needed medication is ready for the patient as soon as possible.

Does PDC Pharmacy interface with my organization’s eMAR or eHR software? How does the interface work?
PDC Pharmacy has extensive experience working with eMAR and eHR interfaces. Please see below for the list of all software offerings PDC Pharmacy is capable of interfacing with today:

PDC Pharmacy’s software interfaces with multiple eMARs/eHRs. With the pharmacy interface module, users can link individuals in the pharmacy system to individuals on your eMAR or eHR to receive information. Once linked, PDC Pharmacy will be able to send medication information to the agency. This saves a great deal of time as your staff will no longer need to manually enter the information in themselves.

We have many partner facilities utilizing Therap and there is one important note regarding this interface. Pharmacies have different versions of the Therap pharmacy interface, based upon their operating system. One of the biggest differences of using the Therap interface with PDC Pharmacy, is that our pharmacy operating system, (FrameworkLTC), automatically translates the confusing pharmacy SIG codes into regular language. Please see below for an example of this enhanced offering with PDC Pharmacy.


Original SIG code:

Translated through the PDC Pharmacy Interface:

How does PDC Pharmacy utilize technology?
PDC Pharmacy uses and interfaces with several software applications to create efficiencies for not only ourselves, but also our partner providers. PDC Pharmacy’s software can interface with several eMAR and eHR products such as Therap, QuickMAR, ChartMeds, etc. PDC Pharmacy also offers a cost-free web-based application called FrameworkLink, which allows our customers to reorder medications online, print paper medical records and communicate with pharmacists. PDC Pharmacy’s paper-free content management solution called FrameworkECM, allows our pharmacists to work more efficiently when orders come in. Every order sent into the pharmacy is archived for instant access when needed.

How will PDC Pharmacy save my agency and/or patient money?
PDC Pharmacy’s specialized services are completely cost-free. We offer customized paper MARs, labeling, packaging, dispensing, delivery and experienced long term care billing all at no cost. Our pharmacists will save your staff time by pursuing authorizations from doctor’s office and insurance companies. Deliveries will come straight to the doorstep and this will eliminate time spent and gas used driving to the pharmacy to pick up the medications. Our over-the-counter (OTC) medications are competitively priced compared to retail pharmacies. Our 99.99% medication accuracy translates to less medications errors, which results in fewer provider medication errors, less staff turnover and ultimately in higher cost saving.

Does PDC Pharmacy take back unused medications?
Yes! PDC Pharmacy will take back any unused or expired medications, with the exception of controlled substances for destruction, and credit where allowable. You can either give the unused or expired medications to our courier or we will provide you with a pre-paid FedEx shipping label to send the medications to our pharmacy. For controlled substances, we offer a solution called Rx Destroyer (additional fee) for a clean, secure and easy way to dispose of the medications.

Does PDC Pharmacy give back to the community?
PDC Pharmacy is invested in the Colorado community. We are partnered with several organizations throughout Colorado including Alliance Colorado, Colorado Association of Nurses for the Developmentally Disabled, Special Olympics Colorado and others! PDC Pharmacy is also excited to announce our current search for land purchases in the state of Colorado. Our intention is to build and own our own space, rather than lease, so that we may continue to partner with the providers we are privileged to service for many years to come.

How does PDC Pharmacy compare to a locally owned and operated pharmacy?
PDC Pharmacy is owned by a non-profit parent company which inherently helps us to understand the unique needs of the partner providers we serve. We are blessed to have a team of employees in each of our locations that is driven by the mission and vision we are privileged to serve. At PDC Pharmacy we operate very similar to a family; each team owns the experience our partner providers, and ultimately our patients, receive. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of services are received at any given time, and thus our partner providers have access to many team members 24/7/365 via personal cell phone and email.

It’s Christmas Day. Is PDC Pharmacy available?
PDC Pharmacy pharmacists are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year to address all emergency needs. An emergency on-call number is provided to customers during the initial pharmacy in-service in order that a pharmacist may be reached during hours of non-operation. We also provide the personal cell phone numbers of many key team members so that they may be reached at any time to address partner provider and patient needs.

Will PDC Pharmacy waive co-pays?
PDC Pharmacy was founded by a non-profit IDD provider called Passavant Memorial Homes located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are driven by our mission every day, to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, provide quality driven pharmacy services and to be as diligent as possible to preserve the limited financial resources of the individuals we are privileged to serve.

With that said, there are certain things that we legally cannot perform and that includes routinely waiving co-pays. Compliance is something that PDC Pharmacy takes very seriously. We would never want to put ourselves at risk to lose our licenses and more importantly, we would never want to put our partner organizations at risk either. Routinely waiving co-pays is considered an inducement of services by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and is also prohibited by Colorado state law. We promise to utilize our experience with billing pharmacy services for the IDD population to ensure the lowest and most accurate invoicing possible. Please find more information regarding the waiving of co-pays by following the link below.; CRS 18-13-119

Does our agency need to sign a contract to use PDC Pharmacy?
PDC Pharmacy is in the process of becoming an accredited pharmacy. This means that PDC Pharmacy is held to higher standards and accreditation requirements, therefore allowing us to provide higher quality services and to help keep our customers in full compliance. We have a Business Associate Agreement and a Standard Agreement for services, which will be signed prior to starting a transition. These agreements contain language per accreditation requirements and several required notices surrounding patient confidentiality and care. PDC Pharmacy has the flexibility to modify the terms of the agreement per partner provider request.

PDC Pharmacy’s agreement is a best practice for provider security as it presents many standards of service that we will meet ensuring that you as a provider, as well as all patients, receive the highest quality of pharmacy services. It also provides opportunities to cancel services should they no longer be the right fit for your organization.

PDC Pharmacy recognizes and empowers every patient to their right to choose their providers. PDC Pharmacy’s agreement is with provider agency only, and each patient within their care may, or may not, select to utilize the services of PDC Pharmacy.

How do I learn more about PDC Pharmacy?
We always have an open invitation for agencies to schedule a PDC Pharmacy Tour to see the behind-the-scenes operation. You will get first-hand exposure to PDC Pharmacy by seeing our pharmacy staff in action. You will witness the practices that we have set forth that allow us to provide such a high level of quality and customer service. We would also be happy to bring our team to your office to discuss our pharmacy services in full detail.

How do I get started with PDC Pharmacy?
The entire transition to PDC Pharmacy is managed by our dedicated Transition Team; the team is made up of a combination of individuals with extensive experience working for both provider agencies as well as in long term care pharmacies. During the kickoff Transition Meeting, we will review all aspects of pharmacy services and discuss what offerings will meet your needs. In addition, we will plan and schedule the activities necessary to complete the transition. Because we exclusively serve individuals with developmental disabilities and understand your needs, PDC Pharmacy will ensure a seamless transition resulting in high quality pharmacy services for years to come!

Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit you!